Saturday 26 March 2011

Maguire Claims to be Moving Forward

Mr. Maguire is back in the news again following claims in a Cape Verdean newspaper, Expresso das ilhas, that his Palm View Resort is now to be constructed on the site of another unfinished development. Courtesy of the BoaVista Forum the following rough translation of the newspaper article was offered:

"The Irish group Ciaran Maguire launched on the morning of Thursday, 24, in Boa Vista, the first stone for the construction of an apartment complex with 238 luxury apartments, casino, thalassotherapy center and restaurants.

The initial investment Palm View Resort is 25 million and, according to prosecutors, all the apartments are already sold to Europeans, especially English and Irish. "The hotel, the restaurants will be complete later this year, and the other blocks will be complete next year," he told Radio in Cape Verde Ciaran Maguire, chairman of the Group.

Palm View Resort is a luxurious beachfront resort, which initially will have three hundred employees. The project includes a seven-star boutique hotel, nine swimming pools, four restaurants, beach bars, bar, nightclub, tennis courts, soccer fields, outdoor theater, fully equipped gym and a health spa luxury and beauty. The design of the Palm View Resort Ciaran Maguire Group will be born in Praia Cabral, the former complex Sabi sands, FM Group, which went bust just over two years.

In Cabral Beach Ciaran Maguire group wants to invest in the area surrounding Palm View Resort, rehabilitating the area and build a function room, a high school level and creating pedestrian promenade, with shops selling local handicrafts.

It is recalled that in 2008, Ciaran Maguire organized a tour of the island of Boa Vista, and has taken him about 160 people, some of which would become investors in the transaction. But due to delays and uncertainty in implementing the project, some eventually require replacement funding.

The idea had been thought initially to Praia and then was transferred to Boa Vista."

The original article in Portuguese is here -

The BoaVista Facebook page is, however, quite adamant that much of the information in this article is false and misleading. It says:

"The name "Palm View Resort" has again reared its head in relation to Boa Vista. This "Newspaper" article is riddled with the same old promises and has glaring inaccuracies. I have written to the newspaper and asked them to review this story in light of the damage that it will do to their credibility."

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