Monday 4 January 2010

Polaris World in Talks with its Creditors

It would have been nice to have a 'feelgood' story for the beginning of 2010, but I'm afraid it's not to be. The big news in the overseas property world over the Christmas period has not been rocketing sales, instead it has been the revelation that Spanish developer, Polaris World, is in talks with its creditors to avoid administration proceedings.

The developer is most famous for its connection to 18-time golf Major winner, Jack Nicklaus, with its courses referred to as the “Nicklaus Golf Trail”. The site claims: "Polaris World presents the Nicklaus Golf Trail, a circuit which will boast 8 courses within a radius of 25 km and the best golf experience in Europe. With 4 courses already up and running, 2 with work in progress and 2 in the planning stages, unique in the world and exclusive to Polaris World."
A number of newspapers, websites and blogs have carried the story that the company has asked the court that several of its companies be allowed to access the three months given in the Spanish Insolvency Act in order to allow it to renegotiate its debts. The company sought this protection in Murcia on December 22nd 2009.

If you've currently got a deposit on a property in Polaris World now might be a good time to check with your solicitor what your options are depending on the outcome of this situation.

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