Tuesday 27 May 2008

Wife Says Lynn in Portugal

The wife of missing solicitor Michael Lynn has told the High Court that she saw her husband two weeks ago in Bulgaria.

Brid Murphy is giving evidence in an attempt by ACC Bank to recover a mortgage it gave Mr Lynn on a €5.5m house in Howth, Co Dublin.

Ms Murphy told the court that her husband collected her from the airport in the Bulgarian capital Sofia last Monday week.

She said she left Bulgaria seven days later and that Michael Lynn has now returned to Portugal.

From Irish Independent.

According to the Irish Times: "The wife of missing solicitor Michael Lynn has told the High Court she remains in touch with her husband and last saw him just over a week ago in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia."

"Ms Brid Murphy said she knows where her husband is, that he had collected her at the airport in Sofia from where she left on Monday week last and that he went to Portugal the following day. She remains married to Mr Lynn, she added."

"Ms Murphy told the court that, when she married her husband in April 2006 having been with him since 2004, he was a solicitor with his own practice and property company and she trusted him completely in relation to financial affairs, including dealings for the purchase of Glenlion. She had worked as a nurse earning some €46,000 a year before their marriage but gave up work in early 2006."

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