Tuesday 27 May 2008

OverseasCafe.com in the News

It's great to see the OverseasCafe.com website getting a few notable mentions in the press. On Sunday last the Sunday Business Post featured a piece on the April search stats from the website.

The piece, written by the Business Post's property editor, Gillian Nelis, says: "The overseas property portal OverseasCafe.com has released details of which markets generated the most interest among its users during April."

She continues: "The total number of queries was over 72,000, down from almost 84,000 searches over the same period last year, reflecting the slowdown in the industry in 2008."

You'll find the full article here.

Eddie Lennon, who writes the Money Talks Business column in the Sunday Tribune also gave the site a mention on Sunday in his 'Tip of the Week' section. The piece is fairly short so we've included it below.

Tip of the Week - By Eddie Lennon

LOOKING to buy a holiday home or overseas property? A new online overseas property portal, OverseasCafe. com, lets you browse thousands of properties across the world. The site features thousands of articles, with regularly updated news and advice from some of Ireland's most respected property experts, plus an exhibition/seminar listing, updated daily, in an easily searchable format. The site also conducts relevant surveys on the overseas market and issues an informative monthly newsletter. If you register, you can list your own overseas property for free. A very useful feature for house hunters is the saved search facility - whenever a property matching one of your searches is put on the site you get an email alert. The site also has a relevant and thoughtprovoking blog.

You can find the full article here, it is at the end of the Watch Your House article.


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