Wednesday 21 May 2008

German Property - Think Laterally

Looking for German property, then the chances are you'll have been offered units or projects in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Leipzig or Dresden. You've probably never been offered anything in rural Bavaria though (of course Munich is in Bavaria but we're ignoring it for the purposes of this blog, just because it suits us and its our blog).

is Germany’s number one vacation state and its Chiemgau alpine region enjoys a healthy share of the state’s tourism, drawing many thousands of German and foreign visitors annually. Well you'd never have thought of that would you? Apparently it's a wonderful spot so we said we'd better check it out to see what all the German's know that we don't.

We wrenched Margaret Carragher from her desk at the Sunday Indo and sent her off to the region to size it up, you can see what she thought of it here.


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