Thursday 1 May 2008

Who's Been Looking Where

The has been doing monthly surveys on where Irish web surfers (both North and South) have been checking out on the Web. The surveys have been an excellent barometer of where potential Irish property buyers interest currently lies. Its big advantage is that it is right up to date, rather than the usual season old data received from shows and cobbled together from anecdotal information.

The results of the survey for 2008 and comparisons with April 2007 are available here. They make very interesting reading as there has been a sea change in the areas now tickling the fancy of Irish investors. We could be seeing the end of the huge surge in French interest, which has lasted since 2000, but has dropped dramatically from 25% of all searches to just 8%. Interest in the UK and US are at all time highs as buyers seek to profit from weakness in both currencies.

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