Tuesday 20 May 2008

Rate Your Spanish Agent

Had an absolutely wonderful experience with your Spanish property sales agent? Alternatively, have you had completely rubbish service from an agent, been led up the garden path, taken for a ride and every other cliché in the book? Well then you'll be glad to know that, as with everything else, there's a website where you can find out about agents before you use them or report your experiences so that others can read and assess your comments.

As an example, here are links for the ratings given for some of Spain's larger agencies. Just remember when browsing the results that you may need to balance it somewhat with the fact that people are more inclined to complain that they are to compliment.


Ambasun International

Andalucian Dream Homes

Atlas International

Iberian International

MacAnthony Real Estate International (MRI)

Masa International

Medsea Estates

Ocean Estates

Palmera Properties

Parador Properties

Polaris World

Viva Estates

There is also a list of Spanish developer ratings here.


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