Thursday 29 May 2008

Spanish Property on Today with Pat Kenny

It was great to hear our Advice and Editorial contributor, Diarmaid Condon, interviewed in studio on the Today with Pat Kenny show yesterday morning. The piece was a rundown on the trials and tribulations of the Spanish property market, where things stand at the moment, is this a buying opportunity, etc.

We thought it was very informative and Diarmaid very much held his own in the company of the esteemed Mr. Kenny.

The link to the Spanish discussion on the programme is here, you'll need iTunes to play it which can be downloaded for free from the Apple Website.

On a more amusing aside. Straight after the Spanish property interview two musicians, a lady and a gentleman, entered the studio. Diarmaid had no idea who was to follow his interview and, shook hands with the gentleman not knowing who he was. It was only when he heard the ensuing music from outside the studio afterwards that he realised he had just shaken hands with Sir James Galway. Way to not be overawed.

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