Friday 6 June 2008

Who's Been Looking Where - May '08

For those of you with an eye for statistics you'll no doubt be interested to see what areas are proving most popular with Irish web surfers.

May results are out and can be found on the site here. There is also a listing of percentages from January to May which gives a more accurate estimate of interest for the year-to-date. Monthly figures can be affected by new, in the news, hot-destinations, although negative sentiment has been more obvious in the market this year which has brought the old reliables of the UK and US to the fore.

In a more positive vein, however, there were a total of 94,300 searches conducted over the past month which is an increase of over 20,000 on April figures. April would traditionally be considered a stronger period than May for overseas property interest so this may be an indication of a turning tide for agents and developers overseas. To date this year the industry has been having a terrible time so any good news will be gratefully accepted.

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