Tuesday 17 June 2008

How Have People Found the OverseasCafe.com Blog?

One of the questions we're often asked is, 'how have people found the blog?'

Well, it is found through a variety of means as it is listed on a number of blog sites, but the most common way to find the blog is via search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Live.

We've collated a list of the top 150 most popular search terms to bring up the blog since its inception in February. There are thousands more but we didn't reckon anyone would want to read through them all. These are in order of importance and have not been altered in any way from how they were typed into the search engines.

bulgarian dreams
mri overseas property
Bulgarian Dreams
bulgarian dreams expelled
mri overseas property complaints
mri complaints
inside track bankrupt
orient palace bodrum
french leaseback
mri overseas property scam
mri overseas
"bulgarian dreams"
delhi airport
overseas property blog
damac dubai
palm springs damac
mri property scam
aipp bulgarian dreams
complaints about mri overseas property
blogs for the damac palm springs cancellation
MRI Overseas Property
mri property complaints
bulgarian dreams
kendar global
macanthony realty
mri overseasproperty
what is it like working for mri property
"MacAnthony Realty International" scam
damac palm springs
direct from the developer show
michael lynn
mri cyprus
harcourt developments
customer complaints about mri overseas property
bodrum orient palace
bulgarian dreams AIPP
mri macanthony
MRI Overseas Property scam in Bulgaria
bulgarian dreams aipp
michael lynn fraud kendar holdings
mri overseas property blog
mri property blog
macanthony staff scam
who is MRI property problems with
spanish property mri problems
irish times article m lynn vantea
mri overseas property
Bulgarian dreams
dubai damac
medsea complaint
mri overseas properties complaint
mri property forum
mri bulgaria
bulgaria property demolish dncs
Hans Bartsen
orient palace bodrum news
dubai project
spanish property
watchdog macanthony
palm springs dubai cancelled
macanthony exhibitions
bulgarian dreams blog
michael lynn kendar
Irish Times MacAnthony Real Estate article
kolan group
"mri overseas properties" fraud
MRI property
spanish distressed sales
MRI Property Developers what is it like to work...
mri overseas property comments
damac palm springs dubai
distressed sales in dubai
leaseback french property
mri real estate spain
MacAnthony Realyty complaints
having problems with mri overseas properties
macanthony MRI real estate company
mri property court cases in spain
"bulgarian dreams" problem 2008
MRI overseas property blogs
florida distressed sales
mri overseas property review
sunday times ireland, aipp
damac cancellation
consumer reports on macanthony realty internati...
helen carson belfast telegraph
mri overseas property what is it up to
mri overseas louise
mri overseas property watchdog
kendar holdings
damac palm springs cancellation
working for mri property whats it like
mri property
MRI international property scam
orient palace + buyers
mri overseas cafe
bulgarian dreams complaints
distressed sales cyprus
helen carson
mri overseas property forum
complaints about MRi
distressed sales spain
palm springs dubai damac
distressed sales dubai
"michael lynn" black sea
mri problems cyprus
macanthony realty spain
"Mri property"
MRI overseas properties
macanthony realty complaints
simple overseas property complaints forum
mri global inspection trips
problems with mri oversea properties
how many irish people own overseas property
mri overseas property complaint
fraud act bulgaria MRI realty
lisbon properties mri
bulgarian dreams Robert Jenkin
bulgaria MRI
macanthony scammers
robert jenkin bulgarian dreams
Tapu problems
exhibition devloper
"dubliner bar" ballsbridge address
mri overseas property reviews
michael lynn body
bulgaria property scam mri
free registering overseas property sites
Damac, Palm Springs, Dubai
damac dubai cencellation development
palm spring dubai
mri property court

So there you go, that is the kind of stuff people are searching for on the internet when the OverseasCafe.com blog pops up.

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