Tuesday 24 June 2008

Selling in a Difficult Market

It has been interesting to see various company's approaches to tackling a severe downturn in the global economy. It is very likely that, in the event of all other avenues shutting down rapidly, companies will be forced into more unorthodox methods of 'promotion' in order to get their message across to a smaller, poorer and less interested audience.

Some of you will no doubt have seen the 'Beds & Blowjobs' comments attributed to Mick O'Leary (no that's not him or anyone related to him in the picture) last week (you'll find the story here if you're unfamiliar with its contents). Essentially the venerable Mr. O'Leary is allegedly launching a low fares trans-Atlantic route, with an extremely high-fares (and we have to take by intimation, a very well serviced) Business Class, included to pay for the astronomically priced fuel it takes to transfer the poor sods in cattle-class down the back. You've got to hand it to the man, he certainly knows how to grab headlines, whatever the economic climate.

A journalist in Germany who queried the potential for a transatlantic service was told the proposed high quality business class service, had the working title of ‘Beds and Blowjobs’. The Ryanair site claims "no-one, not even the translator at the media conference, knew of a German translation for ‘Blowjobs’." We suspect that they may not have tried very hard, knowing the headline grabbing potential the statement contained as it stood in English.

On the overseas property front we've also come across a fairly unique promotional campaign, targeting those who like to shed their clothing. In Tampa, Florida, if free upgrades and paid closing costs are not enough incentive to buy a condo in a housing market that is rapidly on the slide, then be prepared to be offered the option of ‘getting your kit off’. No, it’s not Spencer Tunick contemplating reaping the rewards of being a successful developer, it is just a condo development trying to cash in on an alternative lifestyle market. The developers of Arbors at Branch Creek, a Tampa condo conversion, are hoping a clothing-optional pool will attract buyers, because, it appears, nothing else is attracting them at the moment. Whatever about buyers, it may certainly invite onlookers.

"We know there are people out there who will enjoy this amenity," said Christine Pirkle, director of sales for project-developer Eden Condominiums. "It's just become more accepted and people who want this option don't have very much of it. "She noted that only some Florida counties allow nudity on beaches. "Here, at least you have the choice," she said.

Some would call it ‘bare-faced cheek’ others may think that naturists simply don’t have deep enough pockets. But you can’t knock them for trying.

If you want to get an idea of what they've got in mind you'll find it here. there's no nudism on there by the way, the lead pic for this blog is as steamy as it gets. If that's what you're looking for you'll have to search for a far more steamy site. 'Down with that sort of thing'.


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