Saturday 7 June 2008 in the News

OK, so this isn't the most timely news in the world, but it slipped under the radar somehow and it would be remiss of us not to mention it so now is as good a time as any.

Back in February the website got a very honourable mention in the Irish Independent, in a piece written by none other than our 'boss' Eilís FitzGerald.

The piece is based on the, now legendary, statistics published by the website each month. In the piece Eilís gives some good advice.

"There is no doubt that our interest in property abroad is as strong as ever, so the key to success is research, research, research. Property markets abroad tend to be strongly influenced by foreign investment in the region, and this is unlikely to happen in an unstable political environment. A politically stable country with a growing economy will attract foreign investment and tourism, which leads to higher capital appreciation and greater rental demand."

You'll find the full text of the article here.

In case you're not all that aware of what the site is about you'll find a few links to pertinent areas of it below.

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