Friday 13 June 2008

Sell your Dubai Property

OK, so good news on the property front is fairly scarce at the moment, which means we've very happy go bring some good cheer to those trying to sell a property in Dubai. There is an Irish company that will buy your property from you, or so it says in any case. We've not checked out the fine print so we're passing the information on as received in good faith. A new ‘Buy Back’ scheme aimed at Irish investors seeking to sell on their investment properties in Dubai has been launched by Irish based Middle East property investment company, Deluxe Properties who are located in Malahide, Co Dublin. The company claims to have a panel of investors who are actively seeking properties from Irish investors who, for whatever reason, cannot complete on purchase and it is looking for a mixture of off plan, near construction or already constructed units in the Emirate. Be wary though, if you're expecting to make a killing. The company states; “we buy and sell property in the Middle East and we buy not just from developers but we buy back properties from distressed buyers seeking a quick exit strategy." Have you ever heard of a 'distressed seller, making a lot of money out of their property? No, neither have I. But if you're stuck with a property in Dubai and need to get out it might be an option, even if it is not necessarily a very lucrative one.

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