Thursday 23 October 2008

The World's Top 100 Most Powerful Property People

We are very proud to announce that Globaledge's most recent listing of 'The World's Top 100 Most Powerful Property People' includes at number 77.

We are of course thrilled with the mention as it sees us rubbing shoulders with some of the most recognised websites in the world, not bad for a site that isn't much more than a year old.

Included in the list are such luminaries as the BBC, Business Week, CNN, Channel 4 and the Real Deal. They're all ahead of us, but at least it gives us something to aim for. It's a very good position when you consider that Globaledge's own blog only reached number 85. We are also, as far as we can ascertain, the only Irish site on the list. 

It's onwards and upwards from here then, hopefully we'll be able to climb the rankings and get ourselves recognised with some of the most powerful news media in the world in coming polls. 

The full piece on the Globaledge website can be found here.

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