Friday 17 October 2008

How have people found the Blog

Folks seem to like this particular list for some reason, it got a lot of traffic last time around, so here we go again.

This is the list of the top search terms leading to the site over the past two months (we haven't done one of these in a while). They're ordered from the most popular downwards.

You'll notice that the regular favourites of Bulgarian Dreams, MRI Overseas Property and the Orient Palace in Bodrum are still clocking up major amounts of traffic. MacAnthony's in particular, and their chief executive, Darragh MacAnthony, seem to be particularly heavily searched for, and the text of the searches would indicate that there's quite a bit of dissatisfaction out there about the company and its directors. Our old pal, Hans Bartsen, from the Orient Palace also seems to be a pretty popular (or unpopular, depending on what way you look at it) individual. Robert Jenkin of Bulgarian Dreams makes a few appearances as does the bould Michael Lynn, he of KenDar Holdings, Overseas Property Law, and nicking €80m worth of bank money fame.

This is the most popular blog for MacAnthony's, it's this one for Bulgarian Dreams and this one for the Orient Palace. You'll find a few blogs on Michael Lynn and his worldwide travels but this is the main one.

And the winners are:

bulgarian dreams
mri overseas property
orient palace bodrum
mri overseas property scam
kevin okane accused of turkish property scam
mri overseas property complaints
mri property scam
mri property complaints
mri complaints
harcourt developments
mri overseas
macanthony complaints
Larionova, sunday independent
bodrum orient palace
mri property blogs
how is current financial crisis affecting itali...
futura gael
mri bulgaria customer forum
damac dubai
oriental palace bodrum
hans bartsen
macanthony realty
hans bartsen
unifin bodrum
simple overseas
my overseascafe
mri properties
platinum developments blog
mri property
d XL Leisure Group PLC.
Robert Jenkin, Bulgarian Dreams
matagorda lanzarote foreclosure property
watchdog on MRI overseas
matagorda bay lanzarote
portugal properties MRI
mri overseas property blog
when was MRI expelled from AIPP
macanthony scammers
mri overseas property scams
can i take mri to court
vantea property
MRI watchdog bulgaria
mri realty complaints
distressed sales portugal
mri property problems
mri overseas property
MRI Overseas Property
lehman brothers and harcourt developments
lanzarote property blog
selling in a difficult market
harcourt developments court case
cyril mcmorrow spanish property
mri property bulgaria forums
bodrum orient palace dutch court injunction
nieuws over Orient palace bodrum
how to complain regarding overseas property com...
property news vilnius 2008
mri portugese property scam
mri overseasproperty
mri office ireland mac anthony
Hans Bartsen
MRI property
Bulgarian Dreams
macanthony problems
fraud act bulgaria MRI realty
property scam in bulgaria
kevin okane turkey kelly agent
mri overseas property, complaints
macanthony complaints
mri overseas property reveiws
mri sales scam
macanthony realty international
MRI overseas property
macanthony realty florida scams
complaints about MRI
bulgarian dreams problems
mri overseas complaints
damac spanish agents
mike says portugal
overses property auctions
matagorda bay apartments lanzarote
irish news futura gael
ryanair baggage label
mri properties uk
court action macanthony
orient palace bodrum ireland
legal action against mri overseas property
unifin claim borum
problems with MRI in Bulgaria
location of DAMAC in Dubai
The Times MRI property
MRI overseas property blog
MRI agents in Portugal problems
mri international scam
damac investors blog
mri scam
MRI scam
mri overseasproperty scams
are manhattan house prices coming down
financial position ryanair
irish sunday independent property section
larionovo and profile
overseas property scams in bulgaria
land agents uk scam
ireland distressed property
mri overseas scam
larionovo to go
Ginetta Vedrickas fuerteventura
blog mri property
selling in a difficult economy
overseas property investment
property auctions in US unique properties
kendar global properties bulgaria
bulgarian dreams court
damac property blogs ireland
vantea cabanas
companies owned by darragh macanthony
orient palace alanya tax problems
mri company registration darragh mcanthony
mri properties crisis
algarve michael lynn
willie joe padden estate agent
french leaseback
larionova properties ireland
Sunset Resort OOD and Mr O'Reilly
justifying increase prices overseas
MRI overseas property turkey complaints
kevin o kane
darragh macanthony's money problems
mri over seas property,Florida
simple overseas properties
bulgarian dreams legal
UK agents selling USA foreclosures
Bulgarian property scam
how to bring in buyers from overseas to buy pro...
mri "mortgage" "bulgaria"
croatia property consultants
unifin groep court cases

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