Tuesday 7 October 2008

Swedish Property Investment - Strong Returns in a Safe & Secure Market

A strong property market that offers safe returns - it's a while since we've heard much about that in the current climate. 

One of the markets which seems to be plodding along, doing its own thing and ignoring everything else going on in the world is Sweden. It is considered by property investors as one of the most safe, secure and transparent property markets in the world, and that takes some doing.

It's funny that you don't hear very much about it but, it is probably because it is difficult to make investing in buildings like banks and restaurants sound like too much fun (that's a picture of a Swedish bank at the bottom of this piece, just to show you how just how boring they can look. We went for a little bit of Swedish coastal magic as the intro picture, a little more alluring I think you'll agree, but not nearly as profitable.) But Swedish commercial property works. It pays the bills and then some. That's all you need from a property investment but it is amazing how difficult it can be to actually achieve this relatively simple objective. 

If you want to get some further information on investing in a newly launched Swedish Property Syndicate then follow this link.

If you've no idea what a syndicate actually is then you should probably click on this link to find out the low down. 

If you want to know a little more about Swedish property investment in general then this link is the one you need. 

Don't say we didn't tell you so. 

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Anonymous said...

This sounds great. Their dollar has always remained strong and this is most likely why their property market has remained stable.

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