Tuesday 11 March 2008

Searching OverseasCafe.com

Although the OverseasCafe.com site provides plenty of search options within the site, there are times when an off-site search is more appropriate, or will yield results referring to the site that you will not necessarily find on the site.

A very useful tool is the Site: command run in the search bar of a search page. It will work with any of the main search engines such as www.live.com (MSN), www.yahoo.co.uk and www.google.com.

Basically, if you wish to search for all references to 'French Property' on the OverseasCafe.com or all references to it relating to the site then type in the search box of your search engine "site: www.OverseasCafe.com French Property" (without the inverted commas) and you will be given a page (or several) pages of results for your query. It is a very handy option and can throw up a far more comprehensive list of results than you could find searching the site alone.

It is also worth trying more than one search engine, as they all use different criteria for their searches so they will all throw up different lists in different orders. Just click on the links to see an example of the results of the "site: www.OverseasCafe.com Overseas Property" query for MSN Live, Yahoo & Google.

Just be aware that search engines don't crawl sites every day so you may be limited to content that has been loaded up to a week previous to the search. An on-site search will still be more appropriate if you are looking for up to date content. Happy searching.


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