Thursday 20 March 2008

French Leaseback - The Perfect Investment?

If you're new to investment in property you may, at some stage, have come across French Leaseback property. Many will also have considered it the best thing since sliced bread (which brings up the obvious query 'what was the best thing before sliced bread?').

Anyway, guaranteed rental for up to 11 years, index linked and your VAT returned, sure it couldn't get any better, could it?

Unfortunately, as with many things in this world, it's not quite as clearcut as this and you should do a lot of investigation before you invest your hard earned cash in a French Leaseback development. As a start you might read this article on the pros and cons of investment in one of Ireland's favourite investment classes. It will at least outline some of the things you should keep in mind when considering such an investment.

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