Tuesday 19 February 2008

Kosovan Independence

The past 24 hours has seen some interesting stories that are having or will have an affect on the world of overseas property in years to come.

The declaration of independence by Kosovo has long been expected in the Balkans. It was none too surprising that Serbia wasn't all that impressed with the declaration, but they are short on supporters. Many of those who have pledged support have been accused of having vested interests. Spain have similar problems with the Basques, Cyprus have their own problems with Turkish occupation of the north, China is in a similar position with Taiwan and the Russians are obviously historically linked to Serbia and Yugoslavia before it. Greece, Slovakia and Romania have also intimated that they will not recognise the new entity.

Considering how important this topic is to those living in Kosovo it may seem somewhat trite, but you have to ask the question, how long before the Irish consider that property in Kosovo is worth a look? Not as long as you might think I reckon, depending on the legal status of the state. There are plenty of Irish active in Serbia already with Belgrade being considered somewhat of a hotspot over the past few years.


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