Tuesday 22 June 2010

Ryanair Introduces Optional Larger (20KG) Checked-In Bag Allowance

Ryanair has announced that passengers can now choose a larger (20kg) checked-in bag allowance for €/£25 as an alternative to Ryanair’s standard (15kg) checked-in bag allowance which costs €/£15. Passengers who require a second checked-in bag can purchase an additional 15kg allowance for €/£35 (via Manage my Booking).

Ryanair continues to encourage passengers to travel light, by snapping up one of Ryanair’s approved Samsonite carry-on bags when booking their low fares Ryanair flights, which will allow them to continue to save by travelling with Ryanair’s free 10kgs carry-on bag.

Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:

“Ryanair continues to encourage passengers to travel light and save even more by leaving the checked-in bags at home and taking advantage of our 10kg free carry on allowance, and our great value Samsonite bag. However, passengers who do require checked-in luggage can now purchase a larger 20kg bag allowance for €/£25 or our standard 15kg bag from €/£15. Passengers can purchase our checked-in baggage allowances at the time of booking or subsequently through Manage My Booking on Ryanair.com.”


15kg bag 20kg bag

1st Bag
€15/£15 €25/£25

1st Bag - Peak -July & August €20/£20 €30/£30

2nd Bag
€35/£35 n/a

2nd Bag - Peak -July & August €40/£40 n/a

*Each passenger is permitted to purchase up to 2 checked in bags.

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