Friday 11 June 2010

Dubai Action Group responds to Innovation Proposals


Following the meetings this week between the Dubai Action Group and Mr Probir Chatterjee, of Innovation SEZ Developer Ltd, at the Carlton Hotel Dublin, the Dubai Action Group would like to make the following statement:

Mr Chatterjee presented his proposals to approximately 150 investors, over a series of meetings during his two day stay. In summary the proposal is as follows: Innovation SEZ Developer Ltd has taken over the shares in the three development companies responsible for building Eagle Heights, Bermuda Views and Profile Residence. They have declared that they will build out our buildings if they get sufficient numbers of investors to sign up to their proposal, which includes a new payment schedule.

Innovation SEZ Developer Ltd intends to shortly send out an addendum to our current contracts for approval and signing.

Whilst the Dubai Action Group is interested in examining this proposal we cannot recommend it to our members until we have had the opportunity to study the written document in detail.

We believe a cautious and measured approach to any proposal containing adjusted payment schedules is vital given our experience to date.

We welcome all comments and suggestions from our members and a more detailed email will go out to members next week.

Kind regards,

The Committee,
For and on behalf of the Dubai Action Group

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