Friday 4 June 2010

The Property Show Abroad to Launch

Globaledge has recently revealed that a multi-millionaire former greyhound track owner is to launch a series of overseas property exhibitions in cities around the UK.

Kevin Wilde, who sold his racing track portfolio to betting chain William Hill in 1998 for over £10 million plans to plough a significant chunk of his fortune into bringing overseas property shows back to what he calls the UK’s 'forgotten' cities.

The events will take place in Manchester on 4th and 5th September this year followed by events in Glasgow, Exeter, Birmingham and Harrogate in 2011.

Wilde promises to invest more than £500,000 in marketing the shows and believes he has spotted a part of the market not being covered by other companies:

“Northern cities have been forgotten by UK exhibition companies but the people I speak to are crying out to buy property overseas. The population of Glasgow and Manchester combined is more than a million but there has been very little coverage of these areas by exhibition companies in the last three years”.

So why does Wilde think he can succeed where others have failed?

“I’m under no illusion, I’ve been an overseas property investor for years and it’s a tough market. It’s a question of timing. I’m an entrepreneur and it’s no use launching something in three or four years’ time when the market is booming again and our competitors are there. Our research shows that there are people in these cities who want to buy property now”.

The shows will be branded “The Property Show Abroad” and will use a combination of radio, local and national press and the internet to bring in visitors.

Globaledge says the response from overseas property companies in Spain and France has been postive but questions if it is the time right for a new exhibtion business to target overseas buyers in the UK.

There are, as yet, no plans to run any of the shows in Ireland, where there are currently no overseas property exhibitions in existence following the demise of the last one in 2008, the Sunday Business Post backed and iQuest run Property Expo.

Agents and developers interested in exhibiting at the show should contact Mick Tyler.

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