Sunday 1 February 2009

UK Bargains in Sunday Business Post

It was good to see the OverseasCafe get a meritorious mention in Sunday's Business Post. Group MD, Eilis FitzGerald, was quoted on the virtual explosion in queries to the site for repossessed or 'value for money' properties in the UK since the start of the year. Extraordinary when you consider the financial environment in which we currently find ourselves.

Here's the text:

'According to Eilis FitzGerald, of Irish property portal, the site was receiving considerable traffic from people looking for information on the British market. She said there had been more than 50 solid enquiries for information on repossessed British property listings since the beginning of January.

‘‘Investors are looking hard for deals, with most people only considering property that is being sold for at least 40 to 60 per cent be low peak market values,” she said. ‘‘Those investors remaining in the market are seasoned campaigners who avidly hunt bargains and haggle mercilessly, so this environment suits them perfectly.”'

If you are interested in current bargains to be found in the UK property market you'll find an article on it here and you can apply for further information on listings here.

You'll find the full Sunday Business Post article, "Bargains Emerging in Britian", here.

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