Tuesday 17 February 2009

Bulgarian Dreams Watchdog Update

BBC's Watchdog programme did a followup on Bulgarian Dreams (including interviews with some people referred to the programme by OverseasCafe.com). 

The programme's website says:

"Since our broadcast we've discovered a lot more about Robert Jenkin and Bulgarian Dreams. He was selling apartments in over 30 developments across Bulgaria, so it's no surprise that we've now heard of hundreds of you who each paid him tens of thousands of pounds for properties that were never finished."

It finishes with a statement submitted by Jenkin, who refused to take calls from the programme:

Statement on behalf of Berkeley Square Trading Limited (T/A Bulgarian Dreams). 
"The decision to close the London sales and marketing office of Berkeley Square Trading Limited t/a Bulgarian Dreams doesn't mean that the company isn't committed to providing ongoing customer support services to clients who've purchased developments in Bulgaria where it's able to do so. Clients are aware of the telephone number and email address where ongoing queries can be addressed. Bulgarian Dreams will answer such queries if they're addressed to the Company directly, but it's not prepared to discuss individuals' issues on air."

You'll find the programme on BBC's Watchdog website

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