Monday 3 November 2008

Top 10 Overseas Property Destinations

Well you guys just love 'top 10' lists, so we said we'd better give you some more of them. This is one we've put together from the most frequently visited countries in our property database on the website over the month of October.

Property in the USA. God bless 'em, on the run up to their election the guys Stateside will be delighted and excited (or delired and excired as good old Gaybo used to say) that we love them so much. Bottom fishing? Possibly a little of this, but the Irish do love American property anyway, the fact that it is a little more affordable now is just an added incentive.

Property in France. Ever the popular one, French leaseback has been a constant attraction and the Irish just seem to like France as a place to buy property.

Property in Spain. It's property industry is taking a hell of a beating at the moment, but there are signs that the Irish are looking for bargains there. It is still the easiest place to access for us that has a half decent climate.

Property in Portugal. Always a popular one with Irish buyers. A bit on the expensive side, but there are signs that the Irish are taking to places like the Lisbon coast and the area around Porto now that there is improved flight access.

Property in Sweden. Now this is an interesting one. Solid, stable and with reliable investment returns. Does this mean the Irish are now starting to recognise the attractions of this market?

Property in Cape Verde. Probably not that unusual considering how much Irish development there is on this relatively recent addition to the overseas property landscape. It's pretty high profile at the moment as well with the high profile Irish campaign by the CiarĂ¡n Maguire Group.

Property in Bulgaria. Now here's a surprise. Bulgaria hasn't disappeared completely. We're not sure whether the interest is mostly from investors trying to offload their properties or whether there is still genuine interest in the country.

Property in Montenegro. This tiny Balkan state was a big hit with the Irish after its split from Serbia. There are signs that the interest, while it has dipped somewhat, hasn't disappeared altogether. It is a spectacularly pretty country and the Irish appear to have fallen head over heels in love with areas such as Budva, Tivat, Kotor and Herzig Novi.

Property in Italy. Italy has been climbing the charts monthly and the only surprise is that it didn't register higher than ninth place in the list.

Property in Turkey. The Turks are starting to regain their position toward the top of Irish interest tables. For those who are looking for good weather it's a relatively inexpensive option.

And there you have it, that's what people who visited the site in October were looking for in property terms. We'll be sure to provide you with plenty more top 10 lists in the future.

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