Sunday 16 November 2008

Lawyer Suing Bulgarian Dreams' Contractors

We've been contacted by Milen Hristov, a Bulgarian attorney-at-law, who is currently suing contractors working for Bulgarian property agent, Bulgarian Dreams on behalf of seven former clients of the company.

We have, of course, referred to Bulgarian Dreams and their activities in the past, you'll find the main post here. For those not in the know, the company was being investigated by the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) and, à la MRI Overseas Property, decided that they'd leave before they were dispatched, which they duly were.

If you have had any dealings with Bulgarian Dreams, its owner Rober Jenkin or its legal representatives, DLA Piper, you may be very interested in the information contained in this blog from Milen Hristov which contains reference to a number of pointers about how to handle your dealings with Bulgarian Dreams and how the company operates its business.

To contact Milen Hristov
Phone: 00359 (0) 885558281

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