Tuesday 11 May 2010

Seminar on Property Investment in Brazil - June 24th

Just received the following message from the Brazilian Embassy:

"The Embassy of Brazil in Ireland will hold a whole day seminar on Commercial Properties and Investment Opportunities in Brazil, on 24th June, at the Royal College of Physicians, 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Several experts will address attractive real estate and investment opportunities for a target audience composed of developers, investors, financiers from investment banks, private banks, private equity firms, infrastructure funds and construction companies.

Political and economic stability, competent and transparent legal and regulatory framework, strong banking system, dynamic trade sector and a domestic-driven economic growth made Brazil resilient to world recession and rich in attractive business opportunities. With a forecasted economic growth rate of 5-6% for 2010, the discovery of the Pre-Salt Oil Layer, the upcoming major sports events taking place in Brazil, such as 2016 Olympic Games, have created additional demands that need to be satisfied in the near future.

Brazil's $1.3 trillion GDP is bigger than those of India and Russia, and its per-capita income is nearly twice that of China. Recent discoveries by Brazil's state oil company made the country one of the world's largest energy-producing country which will fuel growth for many years to come. In 2009, despite the sharp contraction of capital flows, Brazil attracted $25.9bn of foreign domestic investment, and should reach more than $35bn this year.

Topics to include:

Sites for development of low and middle income housing, construction of shopping centers and resorts, profitable bio-fuel investments and attractive infrastructure projects.

For further information, contact: The Embassy of Brazil in Dublin, commercial@brazil.ie or ring +353 1 416-1216."

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