Wednesday 22 April 2009

Funds See UK Opportunities

In the face of the current financial discomfort being experienced by most citizens, it is interesting to see how current events in the market are viewed by others, particular those in funds that have been set up specifically to invest in so called 'toxic assets'.

Take a look at this recent piece on the site courtesy of OPP. It essentially outlines how investment funds are hunting distressed property assets across Europe and the US at the moment - at a time when the average investor is doing exactly the opposite. It gives a significant insight into the mind of an investor looking for an opportunity to buy into the market when the 'populist opinion' is that you should be getting out. 

The reason these funds are looking for these assets: "It’s cheap and no one else wants it but there’s always an asset behind the debt.” Remember that last part of the sentence in years to come - "there's always an asset behind the debt." This is also a topic that will be addressed in the Editorial section of our site in the not too distant future. 
The UK is a particular target for investors because of the dramatic fall in prices and the weak Pound. According to Andrew Simcock, director of Global Property Investments: “We’re looking particularly at London and other UK centres, which are likely to be some of the first markets to come out of the downturn and where fundamentals remain strong.”  

Well if you didn't know before, the secret to contrarian investment - buy when others are selling, sell when others are buying. 

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