Tuesday 7 April 2009

Distressed Property Owner? - This May Help

Distressed property - it seems to be the topic of the day - which is all well and good, unless you actually own one. Those who have never purchased an asset to find that it is not - as they had intended - a wonderful investment, will simply never understand the horrible anguish experienced by those who have made a purchase that turns out to be less than exemplerary.  

For those that are in such a position be aware that there is hope - however slim it may be in some cases. Diarmaid Condon has written a very enlightening piece on the website about the options open to those who have assets which, for one reason or another, are not performing as they had hoped. 

It is good to find someone who will give positive and constructive advice to those who are in trouble at a time when newspapers and magazines are still full of promotional material for new developments in exotic locations. This is despite the very obvious fact that there is an absolute deluge of overseas property owners experiencing extreme distress with their overseas purchases at the moment.   

You'll find the full article here


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