Monday 22 September 2008

Lynn to Give Evidence via Video Link

Those who have been duped by rogue solicitor, Michael Lynn, will no doubt be absolutely hopping mad at the news that he is to be allowed to give evidence in an Irish case without being brought back to Ireland. 

Lynn ran overseas property company, KenDar Holdings, roping in celebrity investors such as ex-Mayo footballer Willie-Joe Padden. The company also worked through a network of estate agents closely connected to the GAA and other sports organisations. 

Mr Lynn has agreed to testify in the case being taken by one of his former clients, Brian Cunningham, against First Active, over the collapse of his construction business.

Lynn refused to return to Ireland, and as there are no warrants yet which can be acted on abroad, he has agreed to give evidence via a video link.

The fact that Lynn's whereabouts are well known and that former investors in his property and legal companies still have no access to him to receive remuneration for money that was stolen from them will leave them fuming. 

Lynn is to give evidence from London on Friday 10 October and the following Monday and Tuesday if necessary.

The full story is available on the RTE website here

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