Monday 8 September 2008

Futura Gael Ceases Operations

The economic crisis and the cost of fuel have seen an Irish airline go bust. Dublin-based Futura Gael ceased operations at midnight last night and its aircraft are now grounded at Dublin Airport.

The company says the holiday operators it deals with have been notified. Financial Director at Futura Gael, Barry Matthews, has said that parent company, Futura International, is now seeking for a new investor to save the company.

Futura Gael was set up by Futura International Airways to get the necessary traffic rights to operate charter flights from Ireland to destinations outside the European Union. The airline operated charter flights to the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

For information from the Commission for Aviation Regulation on the collapse of the airline click here

You'll find the full story in the Indo here and on RTE here.

If you are due to fly with the company it is advisable to contact your travel agent to find out where you stand.

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