Tuesday 16 August 2011

Sao Nicolau - Cape Verde Development

Sao Nicolau - Cape Verde Development

Have you invested in a hotel development with Cork based (although currently all out of the country) Cape Verde Development on Sao Nicolau island in the Cape Verde Islands (also known as San Nicolau)? The development is known as Monte Gordo

This project (pictured as it stood in 2006 - but it's not much different now) was allegedly purchased from a bankrupt developer - Sanilisa Empreendimentos S.A. It was to have a hotel added to the middle of the development to create the Hotel Monte Gordo Resort which would then be run by Extreme Hotels. The hotel was to be built between the rows of apartments, where a hole now stands (there is a foundation for something there at this stage, but that's as far as it ever got). In any case, the hotel never materialised and investors here are not one bit pleased as they feel this development was sold fraudulently.

If you were involved get in contact (info@overseascafe.com), as we would like to hear from you. We have received some information about this development which may be of use to investors involved in the project.

Note: There have been further developments relating to this project on which you will find some information here on the Monte Gordo Investors Group and here on Tom Sheehy of Cape Verde Development and court action that is in train. 

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