Monday 20 September 2010

'Get Your Money Back' Seminar to be held in Dublin

The Spanish Property Action Group and Bulgarian Property Action Group have formed an alliance to host the 'Get Your Money Back' seminars. The first of these seminars is to be held at the Rathcoole Suite, Citywest Hotel in Dublin on the 2nd of October 2010.

These seminars are aimed at the thousands of Irish and British property investors who invested in off-plan property in Spain and Bulgaria and are now desperately trying to reclaim their money due to the failure of developers to deliver the finished developments.

Many property developments in Spain and Bulgaria have not been completed, some without water and electricity, some are half built and others were never started. The developers and banks involved have continually refused any requests to fulfill contractual obligations and where deposits have successfully been recovered, this has taken some years. In some cases, this has led to extreme hardship. People have lost their life savings or retirement funds and are all victims of the illegal activities of unscrupulous developers and the lawyers representing them.

Those involved with the Action Groups know how to recover funds because they have already done it successfully and know the pitfalls to avoid. The Action Groups are now in a position to offer a realistic, low entry cost service as well as sound, proven advice to those in similar positions.

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