Thursday 5 March 2009

Overseas Property Auction at City West Hotel, Dublin

The Ann Collins' run Overseas Property Auction has announced that it will hold its second event at the City West Hotel on March 29th. 

The first overseas auction by the company ran on January 29th last. According to Collins two of the 56 properties on offer at that auction have been sold and a further eight are under offer. There are also, says Collins, ten inspection trips arranged for the coming weeks. 

RTE TV news cameras were present at the first auction but, says Collins, "it became clear that those wanting to bid would not, as having their faces on camera was not on their agenda." "There will be no cameras at the upcoming auction," assured Collins. 

Property Auction has also decided to make this an auction day. This will, says Collins, allow buyers to get full information, on a one to one basis, on any property that interests them and they can, if they wish, then bid privately. Any offer reaching the reserve price will automatically be accepted and the buyer has 7-10 days to do their due diligence. .

The next auction is to be held in the City West Hotel, Dublin on Sunday, March 29th from 10 to 6, admission is free.

See our website for the full press release from Property Auction. 


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