Wednesday 28 January 2009 on Last Word

The featured on The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Today FM on Tuesday January 27th. Sorry we don't have a link to it here yet, we have a recording of it but blogger doesn't allow you to upload MP3's so we're examining other ways to get it up there.

Director of, Diarmaid Condon, was interviewed in conjunction with Ann Collins of Ms. Collins is launching a new property auction service in the City West hotel on Thursday next, January 29th. Mr. Condon was brought on to the programme as an independent overseas property expert and asked some general questions on the overseas property market in Ireland.

The idea of the property auction is obviously a good one, the site experienced a huge surge in traffic directly after the programme. The actual auction wasn't a huge success, with just one property purchased, but, as this was the first one, perhaps a lot of people were looking and, with any luck, the next one may be better.

Alternatively, and probably more likely, perhaps it tells the story of where we currently lie in the whole property investment cycle in Ireland at the minute. Lots of people with property to sell but not very many wanting to (or indeed capable of) buying any of it - at any price. 

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