Wednesday 2 July 2008

Who's Been Looking Where - June 2008

The summer is here, not that you'd know that by the weather, but on the calendar it says July so we'll just take it as read that it is actually summer.

Our final Who's Been Looking Where for the Spring season, compiled from searches on Google over the month of June, has just been released and those selling in the US will be mightily pleased. Florida has topped the charts for the first time ever followed closely by the UK. The rest of the USA isn't that far behind in 7th position so the US is proving the market in which the Irish are interested these days. These two have been bedfellows at the top of the charts since the current 'great depression' hit on the back of the US banks' crazy decisions on lending policies.

Spain also seems to be attracting substantial interest and has climbed the charts significantly over the past year. France and Portugal are the big losers this year while both the Canaries and Italy have shown considerable strength this year.

At the bottom of the top ten places of most interest you'll find Turkey and Bulgaria.

You'll find the full report here.

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