Thursday 10 April 2008

Hotel Watch - The Reval, Vilnius

Vilnius has created somewhat of a stir in the Irish market over the past half dozen years or so. There are a good selection of Irish developers and investors involved in the market and, at three hours flying time, it is close enough to be a viable property investment destination. It also has plenty of flight access through Aer Lingus and Air Baltic which is important if you need to visit it on any kind of a regular basis.

The Hotel Reval is a tower block situated beside the river, within about a 15 to 20 minute walk of the old town. If the weather is good and you fancy the walk it is quite a nice one, but taxis are fairly easily available if you need to get somewhere quickly.

Vilnius itself is a beautiful city, the architecture, particularly around its extensive Old Town, is spectacular. It is, however, a summer destination unless you fancy the grimness of snow and freezing conditions that you'll find here in the winter months. I visited in early-April and the weather was a little chilly but dry and sunny.

You can pick rooms up in the Reval for about €80 on the internet which is bearable, and certainly better value than you'll find in, for instance, the Radisson Hotel in the Old Town. The acccommodation is basic business class, nothing to write home about, but the beds are comfortable, the showers are hot and work properly, the hotel is clean, there is satellite TV access, so all in all its got all the basics.

There is also a good breakfast included in the price. The back of the hotel is a building site at the moment and you will be awoken at 8am by the sound of construction, but it is bearable unless you're a very light sleeper.

All in all you'd have to say it is good value for money for a hotel close to the middle of a European capital.

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